Merthyr Valleys Homes, as Wales’ first staff and tenant mutual, is attracting a lot of attention! From housing providers, tenant bodies and the media! And it’s all because of the way that we doing things at MVH; our new model of staff and tenant ownership which gives the people who live in our homes and the people that work for us the power to make big decisions – like setting our rents.

The building of our new office in Gellideg, which has allowed us to bring all of our staff together in one place for the first time, has shown our commitment to investing in our communities. We take pride in making sure that our mutual is a great place to work as well as our homes being a great place to live.

You will read more details about what we’ve done this year as you make your way through this journey of assurance. Don’t forget to stop by our Corporate Strategy, Yfory, and the Welsh Government Standards, which give you more information about what we assess ourselves against.


Chair of Merthyr Valleys Homes