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Annual Report 2017/18


Welcome to our 2017/2018 Annual Report

Using the 4 themes of Yfory – we’ve split the information into what we’ve done in the community, what we’ve done in the organisation, how we’ve taken responsibility and encouraged others to do so and how we are achieving financial strength.

To read more about what we’ve been up to this year, click on each of the areas below.

Also take a look at our performance plan which is again linked to Yfory and which supports all the statements in the annual report and underpins our Compliance Statement.

Nicola, Chair

Our Communities

Creating pride in the communities we live in. Read more about what we have done in our community.


Our Organisation

Being proud of the organisation that we own and work for. Read more about what we have done in our organisation



Being proud of how we take responsibility and how we will encourage others to take responsibility. Read more about how we are taking responsibility.


Financial Strength

Achieving our priorities through strong finances. Read more about how we are achieving strong finances.